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      The Complete Guide to Local SEO: Everything You Need To Know To Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

      Most businesses today are hosted on the Internet. Whether through a website or a blog, all companies try to make themselves known to the general public, which is what the concept of SEO appeals to.

      SEO is about optimizing a website to increase traffic and brand awareness in search engine results.

      Local SEO is one of the most important aspects of SEO that focuses on optimizing a business to improve its local search performance.

      When executed well, it allows the site to be highlighted at the front and sometimes in the Local Pack when search words are relevant.

      The local search takes into account all searches that contain terms such as:

      • Restaurant near me;

      • Lawyers near me;

      • Plumber near me;

      • Gardener in [city name];

      • Glazier in [city name]; Etc.

      local search

      This practice involves several tasks that distinguish it from other SEO pillars, which are: 

      • The creation of quotes;

      • Review management.

      However, other Local SEO efforts are directed at content, on-page optimizations, and link building with localized intent.

      Also, it should be noted that Local SEO works like natural SEO in general.

      When someone searches, Google crawls its index to provide the best results for that person’s query.

      But this time, Google uses different ranking factors to rank local search results.

      These include: 

      • The location from which the person searches;

      • Business quotes;

      • Online Assessments;

      • Keywords used in online reviews;

      • Actions on social networks; Etc.

      Tactics to Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy

      1 – Planning and control of content marketing

      Marketing strategies must be planned. You can do this by making agendas. When you already have the results, you must evaluate them to validate if digital marketing has worked or if some aspect needs to be modified.

      On the other hand, you should consider that the plan you create may be susceptible to some change because, as you know, marketing strategies are modified according to the objectives.

      2 – Big data implementation

      The use of massive data can help you to know the interests of the infinity of users. Although you must be clear that then you must carry out a kind of filter because you should only be interested in those people who are related to your interests.

      Remember that using macro data can break distance barriers; therefore, make sure that what you offer is accessible to everyone, and if it is not, then correctly select your target audience.

      3 – Use of social networks

      Talking about social networks is necessary because they are the channels to immediately transmit any information about the content created, thanks to digital marketing. However, you must select which of the networks is best suited to those you want to communicate with.

      Three are generally used: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you can use other networks. Remember that everything will depend on your products or services; therefore, you must evaluate which one is better suited.

      4 – Management of other devices

      Forget that the PC is the only work tool. The application of other technological devices can be used for digital marketing. A clear example is the use of mobile devices that will allow you to work outdoors or in places outside your workplace.

      5 – Think mainly about the target audience

      You must do it always to guarantee your sales. Also, be aware that customers may not always be the same. Time and needs change; therefore, you must always be in the continuous recruitment of users not only to be consumers but also to spread the word about what you offer.

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