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      The Definitive Guide to Professional SEO Services and How They Help Optimize Your Website?

      SEO: The acronym for SEO in English means “Search Engine Optimization”, in other words, optimization for what search engines are or for positioning in web search engines.

      Benefits of Professional SEO Services

      • Traffic: The top positions on search engine results pages receive the most impressions and clicks, so ranking in these top positions can drive more traffic to your website.
      • Profitability: SEO is one of the most profitable marketing strategies because it is aimed at users actively searching for your products and services on the Internet. Due to its inbound nature, Professional SEO Services helps you save money compared to outbound strategies (e.g. cold calls).
      • Recognition: Because the top positions generate more impressions, having your website in the first positions on the results pages translates to more exposure to your brand. Also, being in the top ranks builds credibility with users, as companies on the first page are generally considered more trustworthy.

      How they help optimize your website?

      • When any query is made on search engines like Google, the results page gets called SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Each of these pages displays 10 links (not counting paid results). 90% of user clicks are received by the links on the first page of results, so they are interested in optimizing SEO content if they want to be in the top results.
      • According to statistics, only 10% of users reach the second page. From the third onwards, the results provided by Google fall practically into oblivion and the pages that appear there receive clicks anecdotally. For this reason, it is essential to compete at the positioning level to climb positions and get our website positioned on the first page.

      The difficulty of positioning

      Depending on the sector in which they operate, they will find more or less difficulty achieving a relevant position in the first SERP. In many cases, the competition is very high. The objective is to reach a place among the first three results provided by the search engine after a query since the percentage of clicks radically decreases the further you move away from the first position.

      To appear in the coveted, it is necessary to implement a Professional SEO Services strategy that is carried out from different areas, such as technical content and other external factors, such as backlinks (links that a page receives from other pages).

      Why SEO is important if you want to position

      SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be defined as the set of techniques and actions that improve the visibility of a website and its position in the ranking of results, with the main objective of attracting the greatest number of visits to a site by taking over the results. Top ranks in Google for different target keywords.

      How Google decides to classify and position a page is not capricious but is based on parameters that its algorithm defines. This algorithm, created from artificial intelligence, continuously evolves, so Professional SEO Services techniques must evolve with it so that they do not become obsolete. This article talks about the most recent major update carried out in December.

      One of the main Professional SEO Services factors that Google considers is the quality and quantity of content a website offers. Therefore, learning to optimize SEO content should be a priority.


      • The terms keyword, keyword phrase, keyword or key phrase refer to the word or combination of words by which we are found, or we want users to find us on the Internet.
      • Keywords can be a single word, a set of words, or a grammatically well-constructed phrase. Any query that enters a search engine is considered a keyword.
      • If the keywords are the “questions” that a user asks on the Internet, we can deduce their search intention from our content: how they would formulate that question and from what words. In this way, thinking as a user would, we can consider which keyword is the most appropriate to optimize the article.
      • Some paid and free tools allow us to do keyword research before writing content. Semrush, Ubbersuggest, Answer the public, and even Google Trends can serve this purpose. Generally, the information they provide concerns the monthly search volume for each keyword and the positioning difficulty of a specific term.

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